How to Hide Cords and Clutter


It’s easy to overpack on a road trip in an RV. With such finite storage space, items may get left out and clutter up your living space. And nobody enjoys a tangle of cords taking up a whole drawer or spilling out from behind a computer or TV. Luckily for you, we have some solutions.


1: Pack wisely.

How many items are you planning to bring on your trip that will need consistent recharging or plugging in? If you’re bringing a couple of phones, a camera and a laptop, you’ve already got a recipe for crowded outlets. So think twice about bringing any “nice to have” objects that require a cord, like a DVD player, speakers, multiple pairs of headphones, a blender, etc. (Hey, we don’t know your life, ok?) Push yourself to see where you can save a bit of space and keep an outlet open by cutting down on your corded items.


2: Make a home base.

Now that we’ve gotten that advice out of the way, let’s be realistic. You’re always going to have something to charge. We recommend investing in a charging station to maximize your outlet space. It’s likely that there are one or two outlets people gravitate toward for charging their phones and devices—usually one near the kitchen counter or at a table top. Install charging stations at these popular points and you’ll keep everyone happy without having to play the “Well, what percentage are you at?” game.


3: Buy cord straps.

Or cable clips, or zip ties. You can get packs of 50 or 100 of these items for just a few bucks. Not only will they help corral wayward cables and cords, but we have a feeling you’ll find a million other uses for them as well.


4: Get crafty.

In a pinch, everyday items can be used to craft solutions for keeping clutter in check, too. For instance, the handy little DIY featured in the video.

Just tape together old toilet paper rolls, place them in a larger container, and you’ve created a series of cubbies to separate small items in your storage. Perfect for charging cords, extra batteries, reusable hooks, adhesive strips and all those cord straps you just ordered.


5: Invest in Togo Roadlink.

Whether you’re on the road a lot, or you just like to make sure you stay connected to the outside world, Roadlink is a great tool to have in your arsenal. You install it on the roof of your RV and you’re connected to your own constant source of WiFi, wherever you go, thanks to a special data plan through AT&T.

In addition to being a great solution for remote work connectivity, it can also help you cut down on cords and clutter. No need to bring a DVD player when you have reliable access to streaming services, wherever you go. Read all your books? Use Roadlink to download new ebooks through a library appyou can borrow dozens without taking up any space at all. See more about connecting with Roadlink here.


6: Reel it in.

For bigger cords and hoses, one solution we love is using a hose reel to keep things right where you want them. It’s the perfect way to contain your fresh water hose, extension cords and propane hose—especially if you RV year round and have extra, heavier duty equipment for the colder months.

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