Checklist for Parking Your Towable RV

From choosing who’s going to be the spotter to extending your awning, this checklist includes everything you need to safely park your towable RV.

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Plan ahead

  • If headed to a campground, research available space.
  • Research available spots. Reserve a pull-through spot, if possible.

Arrival and parking

  • Inspect parking site.
  • Look for obstacles.
  • Establish roles.
  • Pull-through: Go slow and use mirrors.
  • Pull-through: Watch tail swing and wheel tracking.
  • Back-in: Use a spotter. Coordinate instructions appropriately.
  • Ensure tow vehicle clears obstacles.
  • Make small adjustments. Check positioning as needed.
  • Check final positioning.

After parking

  • Use levels to see how even you are.
  • Level RV.
  • Place wheel chocks in front of tires.
  • Detach RV from tow vehicle. Level it from front to back using hitch tongue jack.
  • Extend stabilizer jacks.
  • Extend slide outs.
  • Extend awnings.

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