S’more Good Stuff: May 21, 2020

In this weekly roundup, Togo RV shares the top stories and features that are impacting and shaping the RV community. We cover everything from news and travel updates to gear and gadgets, and all the good stuff in between.

1. The Eagerly-Awaited Reopening of National Parks Has Begun

It’s hard to imagine Old Faithful without the crowds of onlookers waiting for it to shoot skyward. Or the Grand Canyon with no one gazing out over the vast, deep chasms during sunset. However, during the COVID-19 crisis, many of the nation’s most treasured public lands have been sitting vacant, closed to all visitors. Though National Park Service (NPS) sites are not returning to normal just yet, many are beginning to reopen with special policies and procedures in place. Visitors can expect to find fewer services and amenities onsite; however, many scenic spots will be accessible to explore on foot or on wheels. Before heading to an NPS site, check the park’s website or call ahead to see whether it is open and what activities you can enjoy while there.

Source: Los Angeles Times When Will National Parks Reopen?

2. Forecasting the Outlook for Camping in 2020

Who knows what the future of camping is in 2020? Kampgrounds of America (KOA) does—or they can at least make some predictions thanks to a survey that was recently published. Gathering input from 4,000 leisure travelers, KOA is anticipating strong interest in camping for 2020. Even though the participants surveyed are uncertain about their travel plans, 75 percent think it will be safe to camp sometime between now and the next two months. And while 70 percent of campers will be staying closer to home, many see the benefits of camping and RVing as ways to enjoy the outdoors and time with family. Overall, camping is regarded as a safer option than other types of travel, especially those including hotels and air travel. See the full findings in the Kampgrounds of America North American Camping Report’s 2020 Special Report.

Source: Kampgrounds of America North American Camping and the Effects of COVID-19

3. Help Healthcare Heroes Win a Free Trip through Outdoorsy

RV rental company Outdoorsy is gearing up to honor the nation’s healthcare workers, and there are ways you can help! First, nominate a deserving nurse, doctor, EMT, or anyone who works in the healthcare field by sharing their story. Second, you can book an RV rental through Outdoorsy between now and June 30, and for each trip booked, a free two-night RV rental will be gifted to a healthcare hero. Third, if you’re an RV owner, you can consider donating your RV to be part of the program. Staying true to its mission, Outdoorsy hopes to give the “power of road trips and life’s best memories” to some well-deserving healthcare workers.

Source: Outdoorsy Help us Gift Road Trips to Healthcare Heroes

4. What RV Can You Buy for $650K?

What can $650,000 buy you in the world of RVs? That stack of cash can buy 30 travel trailers, 10 motorhomes, or one amped-up rig from Global Expedition Vehicles. This Missouri manufacturer starts with the chassis of a Ford F-750. Ultra-thick walls frame out a plush interior—featuring granite countertops, a dishwasher, a platformed king-size bed, and a fully functional kitchen. But while it may be luxurious, the RV’s interior isn’t the prime selling point. Purchasers of the UXV-MAX RV are much more concerned with where this rig can go that other motorhomes cannot.

Source: Business Insider $650,000 Off-Road RV

5. From Boring Beige to Sea Green Delight: Old RV, New Life

An RV is just a smaller house on wheels, right? That’s what Diana and Sean Skellenger thought when they purchased a motorhome to remodel. As owners of a construction company, the couple expected the rehab to be an easy process… Unfortunately, they soon began to suspect they had bitten off more than they could chew. But by sticking with the project and seeing it through, Diana and Sean were able to create a uniquely beautiful space. “Everywhere you look, there is something interesting,” says Diana. “You feel happy when you walk into the space.” From sea green birds flying above the dinette to the gracefully arched copper kitchen faucet, the Skellengers breathed new life into their old RV.

Source: Architectural Digest This Couple Gives Us a Lesson on How to Revive an Old RV


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